Leasing Service

Our Promise To You

Aberdeenshire Leasing aim to provide a stress-free service to our Landlords. We are proud to offer a fully managed or non-managed service to suit Landlords needs. In either case, Landlords will be kept informed every step of the way.


Help From Start to Finish

We will arrange to meet at your property at a time that will suit you. A lot of our Landlords find evening or weekend appointments more convenient, this can be accommodated. We will advise on current legislation which Landlords are required to conform to. We can also discuss any queries or special conditions you may have. This may be the use of a gardener or a window cleaner (especially in a city environment) etc.

We take our advertising very seriously at Aberdeenshire Leasing. Apart from advertising properties at both the Rosemount and Ellon offices, we also use our strong presence across Social Media platforms, including;

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

We will also advertise on the larger web based portals, including;

  • Citylets
  • S1homes
  • Zoopla
  • On The Market
  • Letting Web
  • Gumtree
  • Prime Location

Suitable clients on our database will be contacted and encouraged to view the property. This is backed up by our accompanied viewing service which includes evenings and weekends.

Beginning verbally at the viewing stage followed by asking the tenant to complete an application form and provide proof of address and photographic identification. Information supplied is verified with a credit check and obtaining references from employer/previous Landlord and/or a character reference. Credit checks will also be carried out on guarantors if applicable.
Potential tenants information will be passed on to the Landlord for their own approval.

Prior to commencement of the Lease we will instruct an independent inventory company to inspect the property. The tenant will be given a copy of the inventory where they will be given 7 days of receipt to hand in their signed copy along with any of their comments. This document will be used to assess dilapidations on the date of vacation.

We will prepare the tenancy agreement, together with all relevant notices in accordance current Legislation, to protect your legal interests. We will sign all documents on your behalf as Agent of the Landlord. The tenancy agreement details the areas of responsibility between you, your tenant and your agent, basically confirming to all parties who is liable for what in connection with the property. It also clarifies what can or cannot be done to the property, who is liable for repairs or damages, maintenance and utility type charges.

A deposit equal to one month’s rent, will be collected (unless otherwise instructed). This will be held with a Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) during the tenancy in accordance with Tenancy Deposit Scheme regulations 2011. Where there is no dispute at the end of the tenancy we, acting on your behalf as Agent of the Landlord, inform the TDS how the deposit is to be paid out. Where there is a dispute about the deposit, and it cannot be resolved after negotiation, we, acting on your behalf as Agent of the Landlord and tenant are invited to submit appropriate documentation to the TDS who will deal with the dispute fairly, quickly and impartially. The TDS will apportion the disputed amount of the deposit and pay it to the parties in accordance with the decision of an independent adjudicator. Aberdeenshire Leasing use Safe Deposit Scotland for the Tenancy Deposit Scheme

This is a very simple service but commonly overlooked by some companies. At the start of the tenancy we will meet at the property with the tenant/s. We will show them how heating systems, time-clocks, burglar alarms etc. work. Any Landlords do’s and don’ts will be discussed.

Rent will be set up by standing order which will be due one month after the date of signing the lease. We use a computerised property management software system to monitor, control and remit rent to our Landlords bank accounts with a monthly statement detailing income and expenditure by email or post. We aim to remit rent within 5 working days of the rent clearing our bank account. Should the tenant fall into arrears, as part of our service we will chase rent arrears using a combination of written, text and email reminders, phone calls and a property visit if required.

An initial inspection is done after the first month and then every 3 months (unless otherwise instructed). We carry out these inspections to ensure that the tenants are fulfilling their obligations as set out in the lease agreement and that the condition of the property is being maintained. A copy of the inspection report will be emailed to you upon completion of inspection outlining any issues that require your attention.

Any matters of general and emergency maintenance issues reported by the tenant will be dealt with using either our trade contractors or the landlords preferred contractors. We offer a 24hour property maintenance service in cases of emergency so that any matters requiring urgent attention in your property may be dealt with as soon as possible. We will endeavor to obtain the Landlords authority to carry out any repairs, however, if urgent action is required to prevent further damage to the property or if safety is an issue we have the Landlords authority to take any necessary action. A prior agreement with the Landlord of up to £200 to carry out any maintenance to be instructed by one of our approved contractors at our discretion.

Since the introduction of the PRT (Private Residential Tenancy) in November 2017, there is no longer a short or long term lease. The PRT is an open ended tenancy agreement with only a start date and rolls on until either party ends it. In short, with the new PRT there is no Lease extension to be negotiated.

Should the tenant confirm in writing that they wish to hand in there notice of termination and you are happy for us to lease your property again, we will proceed to advertise the property and commence viewings before the tenancy is due to end. As a condition of the lease agreement, the tenant must allow access to the property for viewings, this allows us to maximise the chance of securing a tenant and minimising vacant periods between leases. 24 Hours notice is given to the tenant/s for access to the property to carry out viewings.

In order to assess dilapidations, in line with the original signed inventory. Taking into account general wear & tear, your tenant is responsible for relevant dilapidations where applicable. We will advise the local council and utility suppliers of the tenant’s vacation date along with the meter readings and forwarding address.

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