About Us

Aberdeenshire Leasing is an innovative, semi-web-based leasing company serving the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire area. With many years experience in the leasing industry, we have gained the knowledge and understanding of our client’s needs.

Based in Ellon and Aberdeen, we are well placed to help Landlords and Tenants with all aspects of their leasing matters. We are independent of any other organisation and strive to offer a professional, efficient and informative service to both Landlords and Tenants, at all times. We have set values and absolutely no hidden costs.

We are associated with;

  • Scottish Association of Landlords
  • Council of Letting Agents
  • Chartered Institute of Housing

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Angie Holmes

My husband and I have worked for many years in the property leasing and maintenance industry. We ourselves have both been landlords or tenants at some point in our lives and feel we are qualified enough to help both parties.

Aberdeenshire Leasing will be different to other leasing companies in as much as one person will look after both landlord and tenant throughout the leasing period. This means if you phone us as either landlord or tenant, you will be able to speak to one person who will manage everything from accounts to maintenance and will have an answer to your query! We understand that there is nothing more annoying than being passed from pillar to post!